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Your action plan gives training on how to love despite what happens, despite the circumstances and helps you create unconditional love.

But in THE LOVE SWITCH... you will gain advanced MASTERY of the of self-love... realizing the depths of love, kindness, compassion within yourself.

Once you know how to truly love yourself (not just pampering yourself or treating yourself to nice treats) you'll be able to GIVE and RECEIVe love on an AMAZING NEW LEVEL because your magnetism powers are INCREASED with an ELECTRIC CURRENT that sends "vibrations" to people who truly *Get* you.

In this advanced training you'll discover 30 (that's 30 days) worth of actions you can take to MULTIPLY your levels of self-love, to be so madly passionately in LOVE with yourself, you can't HELP but attract good situations, good people, good opportunities and circumstances into your life. NO, this has NOTHING to do with being self-righteous or conceited, it has everything to do with knowing who you are truly and fully inside and out, body, mind, spirit.

You'll also discover 30 daily acts to display towards other to show love. You'll open up TUNNELS OF COMPASSION to be able to GIVE an overflow of love to people who matter to you. And you'll FINALLY be able to receive love in a way that soothes you and the pereson who's giving to you.

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